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Established in 1962, Hestico is a leading supplier of machines, ancillary equipment and components to the plastic & packaging industries. Hestico's comprehensive customer services include a well-trained team of technicians and an extensive inventory of spare parts. Together with our customised premises in Kew, this allows us to offer a professional and efficient service. Hestico has exclusive agreements with top international OEMs. This means that we supply the world's best to the Southern African market, cost-effectively and professionally, backed by our extensive knowledge and experience of plastic processing techniques.

Category: Ancillaries
Sub category: Packaging
Principles: Aoki, Arburg, Diprofil, Dynisco, Flowise, Illig, Maguire, Milacron, Rinco, Yudo-Suns, RRP, W Muller, Coratex Purging Emulsions, Gammaflux, Yann Bang