Vision from Robatech SA is a smart adhesive melter for the high-quality adhesive application of thermoplastic hot melt adhesives

Big performance in a tiny format – Robatech launches a new dimension in gluing

VISION from Robatech SA is a smart adhesive melter for the high-quality adhesive application of thermoplastic hot melt adhesives. Vision has one of the best ratios of melting performance to device length, and the innovative FlexPort and the advanced Smart Terminal combine energy-efficient design and new electronics into a smart melter for safe product gluing and cost-effective operation.

Dominique Schlenk of Robatech SA cc says that Vision opens up undreamed of possibilities for installation and system planning. “Whether it be lengthwise or crosswise installation, tight spaces, retrofits or placement as close as possible to the application head – Vision fits,” he adds. “Vision also achieves an outstanding energy balance. The innovative insulation around the melting tank effectively reduces heat radiation to the outside. Compared to Concept series melters, energy consumption is reduced by 20%.”

Advantages of the system include the fact that it achieves system availability of more than 99% and ensures high process reliability. It is energy efficient with optional quality control and the FlexPort simplifies planning and installation in systems. The Smart Terminal enables operating and status information available from a distance.

The Vision also offers easy access to all maintenance-related components via a single door and thus reduces maintenance times. It is also safe to use – it offers superior protection against accidental contact during operation, maintenance, and commissioning.

“Vision enables you to optimize your system as FlexPort gives users the leeway needed for ideal positioning to optimise the system. No matter where or how Vision is positioned, the Touch Display is always in the right place, or you can even dispense with it entirely,” says Dominique.

FlexPort is Vision’s fully insulated 45-degree connection area. Robatech’s heated hoses can be connected here at different angles and thus Vision can be positioned in a variety of ways and close to the application head. This shortens the required heated hose length.

Coloured LEDs on the status display indicate changes in the operating status or the current filling level in the adhesive melter. Even from a distance, the operating personnel can recognize whether the melter is working optimally and when adhesive needs to be refilled.

The 7-segment display indicates the current pump pressure and switches to the status code in the event of a malfunction. Using the current pump pressure display, the operating personnel can immediately draw conclusions about the reliable gluing of the products. Only if the pump pressure is correct, the correct adhesives quantity is delivered.

The status code also makes it easier to recognize faults quickly. Basic functions can be switched on and off directly using four function keys: WLAN, timer, temperature lowering, and pump.

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