‘Color Trend 2024’ highlights colours in plastic for packaging, houseware & construction

A great showcase for the Brazilian converted plastics industry

ONE of the highlights during the 3rd World Plastic Connection Summit in Brazil was the launch of the international ‘Color Trend 2024’, created to serve plastics industry professionals in Brazil and worldwide.

Under the creative direction of the renowned artist and product designer, Jum Nakao, and author Beatriz Abreu, the book aims to promote Brazil among colour and design in plastics.

“Plastic has the role of colouring and lighting up the world, and Brazil is the place where people most use light and colour as a reference. This is very much in our favour and it is in this sense that I collaborated with this project,” said Nakao.

In preparing the guide, interviews were conducted with masterbatch manufacturers, including Colorfix and Engeflex, as well as members of the Brazilian companies that participate in the Think Plastic Brazil programme.

“In this third edition, Color Trend 2024, we are honoured to have the signature of Jum Nakao. His deep understanding of the importance of the country’s culture as a source of global desire is reflected in the meticulous selection of colours and naming of nuances, using elements of the popular imagination to identify the hues that will be highlighted in the coming year,” said Carlos Moreira, strategy and project planning manager for Think Plastic Brazil.

“Color Trend 2024 is a great showcase for the Brazilian converted plastics industry. Each edition draws more and more attention from the international public.

“We believe that we can consolidate Brazil’s position as a colour trendsetter for the world. Our unique lifestyle, which combines a rich ecosystem with a unique cultural diversity, places our country in a prominent position on the world design team,” he added.