Bevan and Rachel Lambinon with Duncan Gray of Asiatech Marketing

Craft Plastics branches out

WITH a solid foundation, Craft Plastics, which started in 1994 in Gauteng, was built up with blood, sweat and tears.  Director Bevan Lambinon has now been able to branch out both in his business offerings and his imagination.

Craft Trading and Projects Pty Ltd was launched In February 2020 to facilitate the exponential growth of Craft Plastics which had always been a sole proprietorship.

“Our largest project has been running for five years now and shows no sign of slowing down. We are manufacturing crates for South African fresh produce export and the demand for South African fruit is massive. We pride ourselves on the quality of the product, the depth of our relationships and the authenticity in the way we operate,” says Bevan.

Craft Trading & Projects now has a facility dedicated solely to producing the polypropylene injection moulded crates, and other smaller products, under a BRCGS compliance standard.

Asiatech Marketing have supplied five Borche BS 320-III servo series injection moulding machines to Craft Trading & Projects.

Each machine is fitted with a Mitex MDH 50 hopper loader, Mitex MVL-360 G single phase auto loader, and a Mitex MMS-V50/20 volumetric dosing unit. There are also three Mitex MIC-15 A chillers for mould cooling.

“Craft Plastics is still in it’s original offices, and continues to produce plastic end caps and other products for the steel industry and retail suppliers, as well as to the humble furniture producer working from home,” says Bevan.

Craft Trading and Projects is family-owned and run and Bevan says he intends to continue to extend and grow the family for years to come.

Bevan met Duncan Gray of Asiatech Marketing, through industry contacts in 2018.

“Duncan’s knowledge and willingness to assist is unfailing and his partnership with Hanrah Gray is a great one to be a part of.  He is so passionate about his field and his expertise is invaluable,” says Bevan. “Duncan’s exceptional service and endless knowledge has, and continues to, play a vital role in taking Craft to the next level.”

Duncan Gray started in the plastics industry in 1989, and has based Asiatech Marketing in Centurion. Asiatech Marketing are the sole agents in South Africa for Borche Machinery Co Ltd and Mitex Automation Machinery Co Ltd.

  • Tel: Rachel 079 500 5686 or Bevan 084 552 5160