120-litre PET drum production on a CYPET K53 machine at K2019 was a see-through alternative to the high density polyethylene drum

CYPET Technologies set to disrupt global IBC market

CYPET Technologies, European manufacturer of PET injection stretch blow moulding machines, is about to change the global Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) market. Using its extensive injection stretch blow moulding experience for large PET containers and following an intensive development programme, CYPET is extending its technology to stretch-blow-mould 1 000 litre IBC bottles from PET.

CYPET is looking to strike a strategic co-operation, for a partnership to implement the PET IBC bottle project globally. Converting an IBC bottle from the current HDPE to the new PET has huge environmental and economic benefits, that are expected to disrupt the market.

The PET bottle’s 35% lower weight has the potential to reduce the plastic used in IBCs by 150 000 tons per year. Less energy is expended to produce and transport the bottles, with the associated reductions in carbon emissions. Low cost PET bottles would make rebottling of used IBCs more attractive than washing, eliminating consumption of water and cleaning chemicals.  PET bottles can be 100% recycled and used again to make new bottles or other PET containers, for a circular economy. Unlike HDPE bottles, PET bottles can be produced with glass transparency, providing the capability of visually inspecting the IBC contents.

These advantages make PET bottles ideal for the rebottling of used IBC’s, offering a cost-effective alternative to washing, especially for food contact applications. . CYPET saw the market potential for PET IBC bottles and invested in the design and engineering of a larger, more advanced production system for these containers.

“CYPET’s technology is taking PET where it has never been before. This opens up a new range of opportunities, yet to be explored. We are very excited to see how this leap in PET processing technology will improve the environmental impact, economics and performance of IBCs in the bulk packaging industry,” says Constantinos Sideris, managing director, CYPET Technologies.

CYPET Technologies has been known for stretching the limits of PET processing, by using its unique technology to mould very large PET containers. This has enabled PET packaging to enter into new applications, not accessible to it in the past: 50-litre drums, 50-litre beer kegs, 55-litre crates and 120-litre drums

The company holds the world record for the biggest PET container in production, with 120-litre open-mouth PET drums with a 400mm neck diameter. CYPET had exhibited its K 53 machine at the K 2019 fair, producing 120 Litre drums.

“Moving from drums to IBC bottles was the next natural step. The used IBC market is growing very fast and CYPET is convinced that introducing PET bottles, will change the market for the better,” Sideris adds.

  • Cypet is represented in SA by Wrapetfill Process Flow Technologies