Sealing the deal - DRV Plastics' Warren Vorster (MD), JC Jonker (key account manager at Greentech Machinery) and Chris Brink (factory manager at DRV Plastics) with the two new Wintec injection moulding machines recently commissioned

DRV Plastics ramps up productivity

DRV Plastics, based in Roodepoort, Gauteng, has commissioned two Wintec injection moulding machines supplied by local agent, Greentech Machinery. DRV Plastics specialises in the production of aerosol and generic closures, promotional packaging and containers and larger part injection moulded parts for the industrial industry.  It prides itself on its ability to provide customers with fast lead times on mould designs and production.

“We learnt speed from the promotions industry, and we learnt quality from the cosmetic industry. So if you want high quality products with fast turnaround times, we can help you with your next project,” says Warren Vorster, MD of DRV Plastics.

The injection moulding machines supplied by Greentech include a:

  • Wintec E-WIN 1000/440 PRO with a 40mm barrel and screw, 100 ton clamping force and an optimal shot weight range of 50-151cm³; and a
  • Wintec E-WIN 1800/740 PRO with a 60mm barrel and screw, 180 ton clamping force, and an optimal shot weight range of 170-509cm³.

“Both machines are fully electric and designed for packaging applications, high precision and accuracy,” explains JC Jonker, key account manager at Greentech. This will enable DRV Plastics to run production with low cavity moulds with high speed.

“Since the commissioning of the new machines we have managed to increase our output more than threefold,” he adds.

Designed and engineered in Europe, the machines are also compact and don’t take up much factory floor space. The benefits for DRV include a higher output, reduction in energy costs and less rejects due to high accuracy.

“We chose the Wintec machines as they give us more accuracy and speed in the manufacturing of our products, as well as extra capacity,” Warren adds. “We will also see a reduction in electricity usage and product costs that will enable us to pass the savings on to our customers.”

Greentech also supplied the Motan gravimetric mixing and conveying system. These systems have high material accuracy during mixing, ensuring optimal material saving, and a higher quality end product, says Jonker. The systems boast continuous self-optimisation, high performance and reliability.

“We invested in this new machinery as we have been servicing the aerosol industry for more than 10 years and we needed to find a way of improving our turnaround time and wanted to increase our level of quality,” explains Warren.

“The high accuracy of the machines have really been impressive and the ability to have multiple parallel movements on the full electric machines allows us to really fine tune our production,” JC added.


About DRV Plastics

DRV Plastics is a reputable plastic injection moulding company which manufactures high quality Plastic Injection moulded parts.  DRV are a skilled, passionate and approachable team who have 26 years of creating dies with precision moulding.

Their fully equipped tool room and their R&D development team are equipped with high end modern tooling machinery and can create new moulds and bring products to life in a few short weeks.

DRV is known for the high quality aersole closures, tubs and containers in many sectors of the market, including cosmetics, homecare and industrial.  They also have experience in producing larger plastic parts for the plumbing and retail industry.