Darren Hanner with his plane Valentine at the Acrobatic Champs in East London in June. There is a similarity between Eco’s Big Red tanks and the plane, but the latter is NOT roto moulded

Eco Tanks goes acrobatic when its tanks starred too

ECO Tanks, the national roto moulded tank manufacturer, was the joint sponsor of the recent SA National Acrobatic Championships … along with who else but Red Bull. You need horns … I mean wings … to do this sort of thing, although maybe not a helluva lot more than you do to be a tank manufacturer.

The event played out at Wings Park in East London with Eco Tanks director Darren Hanner being one of the contestants in his YAK 52 plane (named ‘Valentine’) and, believe it or not, he won the sportsman section of the competition on a fine day in the Eastern Cape.

Eco took the opportunity to present some of its latest innovations at the event, including its Big Red sanitation system. The event