From recycled polystyrene to concrete blocks

Envirolite is proof that polystyrene CAN be recycled – and even better, that any colour of polystyrene can be used.

Envirolite work closely with waste management services across South Africa to divert polystyrene waste from landfill to be used in the manufacture of energy efficient walling and flooring products. Our vision is to turn the tide on waste ending up in our oceans and landfills.

Any form of expanded polystyrene can be successfully used to manufacture lightweight concrete. We make use of items such as polystyrene food and beverage packaging as well as any type of polystyrene protective packaging used for transportation of electronic goods.

More than 70 000 tons of polystyrene, of which most ends up in landfill is used as packaging in South Africa every year.

We can up-cycle this waste into energy efficient structures making Envirolite the most sustainable building solution currently on the market.