Staff at MBSA’s Johannesburg office celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary

MBSA celebrates colourful 25th anniversary

MASTERBATCH SA, South Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of the complete range of masterbatches, is celebrating its 25th birthday.

“We are incredibly proud to be celebrating Masterbatch SA’s 25th anniversary and extend our heartfelt thanks to the MBSA team, customers and suppliers for their unwavering dedication, belief and support,” said MBSA managing director Anthony van Niekerk.

“Achieving this milestone was made possible through the invaluable contributions of our highly experienced, capable and competent team. MBSA’s employees are the heart and soul of our company, and we are beyond grateful for all their many years of effort, commitment and enthusiasm.”

Sales director Phil Johnson shares his sentiment on the achievement: “We are deeply appreciative for the continued support of our loyal customers, which has been the bedrock of our business.

Confidence in our products and services as well as valuable feedback has rewarded us with the opportunity to celebrate the privilege of being part of this industry for a quarter of a century. We will continue  to deliver industry leading masterbatchsolutions and look forward to manymore years of collaboration and growth.”

Export sales director Brian Jensen is equally pleased with reaching the milestone: The valued support of our export customers has enabled MBSA to expand its footprint in Africa and reach exciting new markets.

“MBSA has developed strong partnerships with some of the best suppliers in the industry.

We extend our sincere thanks to all our suppliers and service providers for consistent  quality, timely deliveries and effective support” added Anthony.


Colour, effects and performance enhancements

Masterbatch provides the plastics industry with an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way of adding colour, effects and/or performance enhancements to plastic products.

MBSA delivers an extensive range of masterbatch solutions, including a broad spectrum of additives including anti-block, antioxidants, anti-static, flame retardants, slip additives, corrosion inhibitors, anti-fog, processing aids and UV stabilisers as well as laser marking, antimicrobials, thermochromic and desiccant specialised additives.

“MBSA excels in delivering top-tier masterbatch solutions through a blend of advanced production processes, expert-driven product engineering, and a leading-edge enterprise information system ensuring full traceability. MBSA’s distinctive ‘open-lab’ approach fosters innovation and collaborative product development, tailored to meet customers’ specific needs. This approach places MBSA’s technical experts at the forefront of real-life complexities and challenges, enabling efficient delivery of tailor-made solutions for various requirements such as colour matching, product engineering, processing and food contact safety, all within the shortest possible time.

MBSA’s commitment to quality is further reinforced through comprehensive traceability in QA systems, involving precise tracking of both ingredients and finished products through advanced electronic data management. Enhanced traceability supports MBSA capabilities in product recalls and detailed root-cause analysis. MBSA’s unique orange product labels facilitates this by providing detailed product recognition and batch information, right down to individual bag identification.

Furthermore, MBSA’s management systems are certified against the highest industry standards, including ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, and 45001, ensuring adherence to quality, environmental responsibility, food safety, and health and safety standards.

As we embrace the future, MBSA is committed to thriving in an evolving market by maintaining our focus on operational and technological excellence, quality, and efficiency. We are excited for the possibilities ahead and are dedicated to providing world-class products and services,” concludes Anthony.