Harry Mashaba is now MD of Flowline, which has moved from Kya Sand to Edenvale where it now operates as a subsidiary of Urethane Moulded Products. Here you can also see examples of the metal products it lines for UMP

New lease of life for Flowline at UMP

FLOWLINE, a manufacturer of acid resistant lining systems for the mining and industrial sectors, has been purchased by Urethane Moulded Products in what is effectively a new venture as UMP has invited on board a BEE partner, Harry Mashaba, who now has a majority stake in the company.

Flowline has been in operation for over 30 years and, with UMP being one of its main suppliers of polyurethane and other lining materials, UMP made an offer to purchase the business after Flowline founder Tony Stockden opted to retire and sell some two years ago.

Mashaba, who had been general manager at Flowline, was promoted to managing director and has since become the main shareholder in the company. Partners in the venture include Trevor Carolyn, CEO of UMP, and fellow UMP director Trevor William, who is now based in Texas, USA. UMP operates a warehouse in Austin, Texas.

All Flowline’s lining equipment has since been moved from its original premises in Kya Sand to the UMP site in Edenvale. It’s a suitable arrangement for both companies in which the Flowline team is responsible for the lining of the various metal pipe or chute and related products and systems UMP manufactures.

UMP has in fact expanded beyond what it was originally known for when established in 1974 and has for more than a decade been handling its own steel fabrication and machined products, so having the Flowline team on site to manage the lining requirements is an advantage. UMP now manufactures large plant for high abrasion, high corrosion applications, mainly for the mining and mineral processing sectors, and exports much of its output.

It is Mashaba and the Flowline team who handle the lining aspect of the cooperative venture, with the BEE accreditation being an almost accidental by-product of the process.

Flowline is also a leading manufacturer of wedge wire screens, as used in the mining sector. Since its relocation to Edenvale, the partner companies have also developed other new products.