‘One for one’ face shields

Plasticpreneur, a global company that develops and provides easy access, small-scale plastic recycling machines, and teaches social entrepreneurship skills enabling grassroots access to turning plastic waste into new products, is giving one Face Shield free to someone in need with every one bought.

With its machines in place the batch production of products like a Face Shield can start immediately. Due to this Plasticpreneur are using their passion and tools to provide ‘Face Shields’ and ‘Face Shields Production Kits’, for local production anywhere in the world.

With Plasticpreneur’s simple machines it is also possible to set up recycling workspaces and the production of recycled products anywhere. The machines can easily be shipped globally and can be set up and  operated without extensive training. 

Depending on the kit it’s possible to produce up to 50+ Face Shields per hour.

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