PC&T to offer tailored service for all Mold-Masters hot-runners in SA

PLASTIC and Chemical Trading (PC&T) now offers an active and tailored service to all users of Mold-Masters hot-runners in South Africa.

PC&T was recently appointed as the agent for Canadian-based Mold-Masters, which manufactures plastic processing equipment and systems, specifically hot-runners, temperature controllers and auxiliary injection and co-injection machines.

“We want to offer an active and tailored service to all users of Mold-Masters hot-runners. SA businesses may buy moulds from local toolmakers or elsewhere in the world, but if they arrive here with Mold-Masters hot-runners in them, we aim to able to supply the type of tailored support to keep them running,” says Ben Cockram, PC&T owner.

“This would mean that we keep common spares here in South Africa, or efficiently manage the sourcing of critical spares from Canada. It would mean we have technicians who can service and troubleshoot the hot-runners, the controllers, and the E-Multi units or any other Mold-Masters products,” he adds.

In due course, Cockram believes this may encourage businesses to choose Mold-Masters as their preferred supplier of hot-runners.

PC&T also have the skills to support local toolmakers in sourcing the right hot-runners for their tools.

“We have the skills ready to be developed to offer this sort of service and we are available if anyone needs support,” Cockram adds.

PC&T already supply the Mold-Masters E-Multi Units to businesses who need to upgrade a machine to be able to make 2-K parts. This is an important part of the business for PC&T and is also important in its quest to be relevant to its customers as a solutions provider.

Mold-Masters patented the first commercially viable hot runner system in 1963.  Today, the Mold-Masters hot runner product line has expanded and represents the broadest selection of hot runner products from any manufacturer.