PIMMS Group’s newly established clean room facility offering in-mould labelling and product printing

PIMMS Group establishes cleanroom

PIMMSA Group has experienced significant growth over the last two years and, with its acquisition of pharmaceutical packaging brand Medena, has established a cleanroom facility offering in-mould labelling and product printing.

The organisation, a plastic product manufacturer focusing on innovative, high-quality products, has also expanded into three IMM plants, built a larger and dedicated toolroom as well as a design and engineering studio and a large distribution centre.

PIMMS Group’s cleanroom can manufacture plastic solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic industries. Medena is the vehicle through which it sells these products to these industries, offering full-service design, development and manufacturing.

Its current product range includes containers, stoppers, closures, dispensing and administering systems.

PIMMS can also develop individual, tailored products in terms of design and functionality to suit a customer’s needs.

With a dedicated and efficiently run cleanroom housing the latest technology injection moulding machinery, PIMMS is now capable of manufacturing products for other industries such as the electronics and aerospace industries. PIMMS can ensure safe products that can be used in the above niche industries because they are manufactured in a controlled environment according to GMPs (Good Manufacturing Processes) standards. It is also certified according to ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

The cleanroom design revolves around the principles of ISO 14644-1: Air that enters the facility is HEPA filtered. The systems also perform temperature control to keep the production process stable and reliable. PIMMS has trained and specialised staff who follow GMPs and other protocols required to control the introduction, generation and retention particles inside the room.

The importance of cleanrooms and their functionality for production and testing will only increase in the future, said a PIMMS spokesperson. Controlled environments are necessary for a variety of industries, including food production, pharmaceutical and medical packaging and device production and even the aerospace sector.

As legislation changes and industries move forward, they will require accurate and safe facilities. PIMMS Group is excited about this growth project and future collaborations with its partners and customers, said the spokesperson.


IML for brand specific packaging solutions
PIMMS has also identified a gap in the market for in-mould labelling (IML) for brand specific packaging solutions. The company has subsequently installed a new IML machine which allows it to attach a pre-manufactured custom label (with branding) directly in the mould.

Combining the decoration (branding) process with the moulding process is a time saving solution that cuts the total cost of the product. This production unit is located within the cleanroom to prevent contamination and dust particles from getting into inks, adhesives and assemblies.

Printing in-house allows PIMMS to control quality and costs as well as guarantee inventory, produced in a variety of quantities and bring products to market faster. There are various benefits to IML including improved sidewall strength, improved appearance for a customer’s brand, lower costs and reduced container weight.