PlastiColors to distribute Milliken plastics additive concentrates in SA

MILLIKEN has named PlastiColors the official distributor in South Africa for its clarifiers, nucleators, UV absorber concentrates and ClearTint concentrates. The agreement took effect on 1 August 2018.

PlastiColors has actively developed markets for Milliken’s products over the past five years. PlastiColors has a thorough understanding of the value and workings of Milliken’s nucleators and clarifiers, enabling it to effectively sell the benefits of those products to its clients.

Additionally, Carolyn Kellock, PlastiColors’ Technical Manager, worked as Territory Manager for Milliken’s South Africa office from 2013 to mid-2017. This further strengthens the knowledge base at PlastiColors as regards the use and potential further development of markets for Milliken’s range of products. Kellock feels the two firms are a good fit: “Both PlastiColors and Milliken are family-owned businesses that share a passion for technology and creating new solutions for developing markets. We believe this will be a strong, long-term relationship and that together our companies can continue to grow Milliken’s valued products within the South African market.”

Milliken will continue to maintain its own office in the country, from which it provides all necessary technical support and solutions. The company is pleased to be bringing global innovations to South Africa and across the African continent. 

About Milliken

Milliken has been solving everyday problems with innovative solutions for more than 150 years. Our research, design, and manufacturing expertise reaches across a breadth of disciplines including specialty chemicals, floor covering, and performance and protective textiles. An unwavering commitment to ethics guides our work to redefine how we add strength and protection to products, how we infuse vibrancy and colour into our surroundings, and how we care for the environment. For us, success is when discoveries made within Milliken help us all have more meaningful connections with the world.

About PlastiColors

PlastiColors is one of South Africa’s oldest and best established manufacturers of colour masterbatch, pigment, liquids and additives, having been in operation for over four decades. PlastiColors is a family run business, where each customer’s unique needs are valued and satisfied. We are renowned for our advanced technical support, unparalleled service, and quality guarantee. Let us help you become your industry leader!