Rubber Products & Mouldings’ Sue Supasar and Wayne Tozer believe it’s worth “doing it right the first time” and invested in high-tech machinery for their new PU casting business at the outset

RPM expands into PU business

RUBBER Products & Mouldings of Cape Town has started a polyurethane casting plant, a move which has required intensive training as well as extending its plant by taking on additional factory space.

Sue Supasar and Wayne Tozer, partners at RPM, believe it’s worth “doing it right the first time” and so invested in high-tech casting machinery, equipment and materials, together with expertly trained operators. A group of RPM’s staff underwent intensive and specialist training for PU processing over three months before the plant was moved into the new premises in July – and so far, everything is running like clockwork.

“The acquisition of a Baule casting machine was RPM’s ultimate goal and when the opportunity presented itself, we jumped in with both feet,” says Tozer.

Since Tozer and Supasar bought RPM in 2019, their decision-making appears to have been sound.

“The recently acquired polyurethane business will give RPM a whole new range of products to offer to the market”, says Supasar.

“The plant is now fully operational and our basket of PU products includes a large range of mouldings, custom moulded products, roll covers and custom moulded sheeting and coatings,” she says.

RPM used to produce PU parts in-house many years ago, before Supasar and Tozer bought the business.

“We can now offer our customers the best solutions for their specific application, be it rubber or PU.  We partner with our customers to develop customized products for their needs or for their project needs,” says Tozer.

What makes it all work so well is the combined energy and enthusiasm that Supasar and Tozer bring to the business.

“Just talking about the business and all that we offer, excites me. The research and development I do, as well as the constant buzz in the factory, and our highly energized work teams, makes it all worthwhile.  This, together with our extensive retail offering managed and operated by our experienced team makes RPM a one-stop-shop for our customers rubber and PU needs,” says Supasar.

Tozer and Supasar are constantly thinking about RPM’s future, new customers, and new products. Plans are already brewing to extend the premises even further for a new venture the pair hope to launch in the next year.

Watch this space!