The massive 500kg ‘floating yacht’ light fitting installed at the new Table Bay Mall in Cape Town

Solution to an architectural challenge!

FRASCADA Projects, a specialist manufacturer of composite architectural cladding panels using unique and innovative processes, recently completed a massive ‘floating yacht’ light fitting for the new Table Bay Mall in Cape Town using a unique product range called Decolite™.

Decolite™ was introduced in 2002 by the company and has evolved into an industry standard for high quality lightweight decorative finishing products.

The original spec was to construct the light fitting/mobile from steel and timber which would have weighed in at a mammoth 6 tons! However, this proved to be far too heavy for the support. Frascada Projects, together with AMT Composites, investigated how this structure could be dramatically reduced in weight, whilst maintaining the excellent architectural appeal.

Derek Frasca from Decolite™ opted for a flame retardant EPS core and then laminated thin glass-fibre skins with a specialised FR resin system from AMT Composites.  The result was an extremely low-weight, high stiffness structure that weighs one-12th of the proposed wood and steel structure at only 500kg – with all lights and fittings.


More about Decolite™

Decolite™ is produced in Frascada Projects’ manufacturing facility in Chamdor, Johannesburg, for distribution to agencies throughout Africa. New products ranges are constantly being developed and introduced to the market using various forms of fabrication from CNC cut forms, to soft rubber mould casting, and injection moulded systems.

The company’s expertise in engineering designs, from fast coupling ceilings to replacement of large concrete elements, places it in a unique position to offer solutions to a wide range of architectural challenges.