The choice of gravimetric or volumetric

The SPECTROFLEX V from motan-colortronic is a modular, extremely flexible volumetric dosing system for powder, granules, pellets, regrind, flakes and fibres. The modular design enables optimized individual adaptation. With just a few hand movements, the dosing unit can easily be adapted to different material properties.

There is now a gravimetric dosing module available for the SPECTROFLEX V. It uses the same base and the same exchange modules as the SPECTROFLEX V and is also suitable for granules, regrind, powder and flakes. Depending on the feed material and the unit version, throughputs of 0.7 to over 3000 litres per hour are possible with small dosing tolerances. Free-flowing and non-free-flowing materials can be dosed. Due to the same technical basis of the volumetric and graviteric systems, little training is required for production or to switch between materials and the two dosing technologies. Thanks to the available exchange modules there is no cleaning time required for material changes and the changing of the set-up is quick and easy.

The gravimetric dosing unit is controlled via GRAVInet SF. This is a network-compatible control for up to two dosing modules. The precise DMS load cells are equipped with separate amps and CAN-bus interfaces – making them perfect for use in modern production environments.

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