Weighing only 10kg, the seat was presented at the ‘Step Change in Lightweight Construction’ symposium in Germany

Ultra-lightweight seat features carbon fibre structure made with 3D winding

AN innovative ultra-lightweight seat weighing only 10kg was presented to the public at the ‘Step Change in Lightweight Construction’ symposium near Trier in Germany. The innovative joint project involves a total of seven highly specialised companies from Germany and Austria.

The feasibility study of the lightweight seat was developed in seven months as a joint project by CSI Entwicklungstechnik (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), Alba Tooling & Engineering (Forstau, Salzburg, Germany), and Automotive Management Consulting (AMC, Penzberg, Germany) in cooperation with four other partners. The development reportedly not only required the latest technologies, but also faster working methods. The group calls the result a hardware prototype for the interior of the future.

An innovative winding process for fibre composite components designed by AMC is responsible for most of the weight savings. The patented xFK in 3D process uses a continuous fibre impregnated with resin, from which components are wound in a load-compliant manner and produced waste-free.

CSI Entwicklungstechnik used the process’ strengths in the design of the seat structure, which is well suited for hypercars, sports cars or future air taxis.