Living on the edge! Zerma Africa’s Jeff Cawcutt, is dwarfed by the size of the Zerma ZSS series single-shaft shredders, now available with a convenient internal access door inside the cutting chamber, making access for maintenance, blade changes and cleaning that much easier, faster and safer.
Zerma Africa’s Jeff Cawcutt (above) says the Zerma ZCS series shredder/granulator combination machines are gaining popularity with in-house recycling applications due to the compact, clean and reliable operation of this one-step, size reduction system. The shredder reduces a wide variety of materials to a size that can be easily reduced further by the integrated granulator. Discharging the final product is typically done by augers or blowers into bins or bags beside the machine

Zerma launches new machines at Chinaplas

ZERMA exhibited at Chinapas in May and Zerma Africa’s Jeff Cawcutt was there to check out the company’s exciting new machinery – some of which are destined for South Africa.