Banbury & Hubron: Powering Black Masterbatch success across SA

BANBURY and Hubron will be celebrating their 24th year of partnership this year, having come together in 1997. The collaboration has been a catalyst for success and expansion in South Africa, with thousands of tons of Hubron’s Black Masterbatch being used for a large variety of applications. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of Black Masterbatch, Hubron has been delighted to bring their historic wealth of experience to the South African market through Banbury and serve the demands of polymer-based industries.

Hubron’s partnership with Banbury was built on the shared vision that the customer should always come first. Alongside their excellent customer service, Banbury has a team on the ground that are ready to lend their commercial and technical support to both existing and potential clients throughout the country. Banbury’s local stock ensures that the demands of your supply chain can be met with immediate and prompt delivery.

Consistency is key for Hubron and providing the customer with a product that they know and trust is their upmost priority. Since Hubron’s inception in 1934, maintaining consistency in their product lineup has been at the forefront of decision making, a fact which remains true today. Throughout their partnership with Banbury, Hubron has supported the supply of excellent and high quality Black Masterbatch with frequent commercial and technical visits to South Africa. The benefits of these visits are not only felt by the Banbury team, but also the customer, leaving them safe in the knowledge that their supply is of the highest quality.

Hubron is aware of the demands of its clients and their extensive range of Black Masterbatch has been used in a variety of applications such as food packaging, construction, automotive, consumer goods and agricultural applications. Each of these applications has unique and stringent technical requirements, a demand which is met by the flexibility of Hubron’s product range. It is in this range of products that the experience held by Hubron becomes apparent, as each polymer lives up to the lofty standards set by the rest of the lineup. Whatever the application, Hubron is up to the task.

Hubron understands that some applications require an extra touch that can’t be found in their regular product lineup. Matching the standards set by their excellent customer service, Hubron will go the extra-mile to tailor products to specific customer needs. They work with clients every step of the way to ensure products not only meet Hubron’s own demanding standards, but also the high expectations of the customer.

The adaptable and flexible product lineup of Hubron is bolstered by their tailor-made conductive compounds and masterbatches, as well as grades for pipe, film, compounding, fibre, sheet and moulding. The array of products is available across South Africa for immediate delivery from Banbury.