The team – Brian Sinclair (centre) has moved to Gaborone and heads up the new Banbury office there. The Banbury service technicians include (back) Xolisa, Paulos and Rory and (in front) Morgan and Ursula, MD of the company

Banbury see Movacolor dosing systems moving even faster

BANBURY Colour & Dosing Solutions has adjusted its business model in response to market conditions which has seen it open an office in Botswana and move its Johannesburg office to smaller premises with key staff operating independently in a move that is enabling it to service customers more rapidly.

The company’s main focus currently is supply of its Movacolor dosing systems and its Ultra Plast purge compounds, both of which are proving popular.

Movacolor, of Holland, supplies a range of unique dosing and blending systems that are characterised by small size and simple adaptation to injection moulding and extrusion machines. Movacolor’s technology is based on in-line dosing of masterbatch, colour, powder and/or regrind into virgin polymer, literally on the machine. After surprising the market with its simplicity when first introduced, the Movacolor units have begun to move a lot faster. The Banbury team has detected interest from both large and small converters, and from across the market.

Ease of operation is a key aspect that has seen use of Movacolor’s systems increase steadily. Banbury also offers on-machine training, which has resulted in convincing use by customers.

The units dose or blend black and white, colour and additive masterbatches, pigments and micro granules with ease. The units can be customized to fit specific applications and process virtually any polymer.

A popular application presently is that of dosing of the Ultra System purge compounds that Banbury also supplies (see adjacent article). Many convertors are operating shorter production runs which means more frequent material or colour changes are required, which is where Ultra’s range of Ultra Plast™ purge compounds come into the picture. These compounds achieve complete purge surprisingly quickly, in possible record times. The latter feature has proved popular with customers.