Roger Petre of Continental Compounders (third from left) has relocated to Portugal and has managed the set up of the new plant near Porto. Here he is with Carlos Violas, Fabiano da Silva, William Santos, Chanè van den Berg and Francois van den Berg

Capitalworks acquires interest in Continental Compounders

CAPITALWORKS Investment Partners, a leading private equity partner of South African entrepreneurs and management teams, has acquired a significant minority stake in Continental Compounders and Continental Engineering Compounds. This investment is there to support a growth orientated phase in Continental’s trajectory.

Continental is the largest polymer compounder in Sub-Saharan Africa. From its two manufacturing facilities in KwaZulu-Natal, the business creates rigid and flexible PVC and thermoplastic elastomer compounds. It services markets in South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

Commenting on the transaction, Capitalworks principal Shaun Frankish, said: “Continental has a great future. It has almost 25 years of history, industry-leading skills. The team are technically and quality driven and strong relationships with its customers, local and abroad.”

Continental’s CEO and co-founder, George Dimond said: “I am excited for Continental. This transaction catapults us forward. The partnership with Capitalworks means we can be serious about growth and technological gains in industry. I am proud that the whole team at Continental will have a share in our future success.”



Continental Engineering Compounds is highly focused on South Africa’s automotive sector by supplying essential engineering compounds such as modified and reinforced polypropylene, polyolefins and polyamides, this is in firm support of the South African Automotive Masterplan 2035 localization program. A further two compounding lines have been added to this business giving it a capacity of approximately 15,000 tons per annum, the new lines give additional capabilities to compound high concentration additive masterbatches in areas of UV resistance , flame retardancy and reinforcing abilities.

The company is ISO 9001: 2015 accredited and is aiming for IATF accreditation.


A step into Europe

During the course of 2023 , Continental invested in plant and machinery near Porto, Portugal, to ultimately supply compounds to manufacturers in Iberia, UK, Ireland and the Maghreb region. The factory’s locality is ideal for proximity supply of compounds and technical support to the energy, telecoms and automotive industries in that region.

Rodger Petre, co-founder of the business and GM of Continental Europe Lda, has taken up the challenge to grow this region from the base in Portugal and has a good team to succeed.

“We see this as a node for growth and expansion in to new markets,” said Rodger.

“Grown from South Africa, Continental’s growth is set in Innovation, Quality and Passion for business.”