Eben Lindeque, Jarred Khoury, James di Blasio and Jarred Swart of Chemipol Solutions

Chemipol Solutions expands supply to plastics sector

CHEMIPOL Solutions, the Johannesburg-based multi-material chemicals supplier, has transitioned over the past few years to put a larger focus on the plastics sector and has made a number of key appointments to back this up.

The changed strategy is based on the position that Chemipol represents a number of top-flight international material manufacturers which supply materials that are tailor made to the plastics sector.

Established in 1999, Chemipol operates from 3500m² premises in Longmeadow Business Park, Modderfontein. It also has a warehouse and branch office in Pinetown, KZN as well as outsourced warehousing in Cape Town.

Key apppointments include those of Jared Khoury, as national commercial manager, Jarred Swart and Eben Lindeque, all of who have extensive experience in the plastics material production and converting sector. The company will be continuing seamlessly with its supply to the paint, coatings and ink industries – as built up over the past 25 years – and expanding supply to the plastics sector.

Chemipol’s principals include a number of leading material manufacturers which supply to the plastics sector internationally, including Domo Chemicals (polyamides), Lucobit (thermoplastic polyolefins), Varteco (PVC additives and plasticizers), Liberty Chemicals (polymer additives) and Dyna-Purge (purging compounds), Cinic (high performance pigments and dyes)

Domo is a leading manufacturer of polyamides, with its Technyl® branded PA materials available to customers globally. Established in Belgium in 1991, Domo was originally involved in the textiles industry. It acquired Solvay’s European Performance Polyamides business in 2020, since when it has been involved exclusively in producing and commercializing Technyl. Technyl was developed in 1953 and includes a full range of PA 66 and PA 6-based solutions, widely used in diversified applications.

Liberty Chemicals of India manufactures a wide range of polymer additives, supplied to the masterbatch, compounding and PVC industries.

Lucobit AG of Germany is a manufacturer of thermoplastic polyolefins. It boast a broad range of performance enhancing and functional polymers that cover a range of sectors. Particularly exciting to the Chemipol team is the ability the ‘Lucofin’ range has to lower the cost of stretch hood film while simultaneously improving performance.

Varteco Quimica Chemical Co, based in Argentina, manufactures epoxidized soy bean oil-based plasticizers and additives into the PVC processing sector. Including its flagship ‘Green’ plasticizer, V-Ziclus.

Dyna-Purge (USA), with its over 40 years experience, is the leading supplier of non-chemical, non-abrasive purging compounds, formulated for safe and effective cleaning, and is the clear choice over in-house resins, regrinds or other commercial products.

Cinic a leading global manufacturer of high-performance pigments. Cinic recently introduced its ‘Cinipol’ range of polymer soluble dyes. The Cinipol portfolio of high quality polymer colourants are ideally suited for engineering polymer and/or where high heat stability, outstanding brilliance and transparency and high colour strength are required.