Foam injection moulding solutions for reusable, recyclable packaging

BOREALIS have launched a new strategic alliance with Bockatech, a UK early stage Greentech and provider of EcoCore technology for sustainable packaging. This new material and technology partnership will advance the circular economy by developing low-cost, high performance, reusable, and recyclable foam injection moulding solutions.

The open-innovation agreement will accelerate the development of Bockatech’s technology, broadening the platform so that it can be licensed to more manufacturing partners in a variety of markets for multiple applications.

Borealis and Bockatech have partnered to meet this demand, combining Bockatech EcoCore™ technology with Borealis material grades to produce lightweight foam injection moulding solutions. These jointly-developed solutions will be available for global use under license.

The patented EcoCore solution, in combination with Borealis grades BH381MO and Daploy WB140HMS, is an eco-friendly way to produce high-performance packaging that is reusable and recyclable. Foamed mouldings that use EcoCore require less material and have faster cycle times to reduce material costs, energy use and environmental impact. Investment costs for new equipment are also minimal.

Reusable and recyclable end products made using EcoCore feature high strength and a smooth surface finish ready for printing. The foam core also offers excellent insulation and is ultra-lightweight. Their high strength also makes them ideal for deposit return schemes that have been proven to deliver material recovery rates of up to 94% and reduce the likelihood of plastics entering the marine environment. As mono-material packaging, EcoCore solutions are 100% recyclable.