The foldable trivet Krempel from oha-design, Germany

Foldable trivet made of high performance plastic

A simple yet technically sophisticated household item shows how playfulness, design and functionality can be combined with engineering plastics: the foldable trivet Krempel® from oha-design, Germany. This kitchen helper consists of four flexible, flat plastic strips, which are connected to each other with rivet joints. By pushing or pulling the original flat shape, it can be turned inside out or bent in a variety of ways to create stable, three-dimensional shapes like a circle, pillow or fish.

The company oha-design is now using the high-performance plastic Ultrason® P to produce the extremely loadable plastic strips. The polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) from BASF ensures that the trivet always retains its shape, is flame retardant and can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.

The trivet also consists of stainless steel rivets and silicone disks, which make it slip-resistant. Due to the PPSU, the trivet is characterised by high temperature resistance, good flexibility and recovery, very good notched impact strength and high chemical resistance. Ultrason P is approved for food contact and can also be processed into transparent or opaque components such as refrigerator drawers or display covers.