Pixio Magnetic Сonstruction Set, by Ivan Khalus and Oleh Berezovskyi: Pixio is a unique construction set in which pixio-blocks are flexibly assembled thanks to a well thought-out system of powerful magnets. A range of sets from 50 to 1600 pixio-blocks and 16-colour palette have been designed, each with an App guide that shows how easy it is to create actual construction set. One plastic cube is 8x8x8mm and contains and six powerful magnets. After multiple experiments with the mould and materials, ABS plastic was selected. www.pixio.site
The Arachne 3D Printed Building Façade, by Lei Yu: Arachne is a digital architectural endeavor to redefine an ordinary building with 3D printed components. The façade is manufactured using FDM 3D printing technology using 5 tons of PLA plastic. To reflect its literal title, Arachne is designed and installed by the spatially intertwined lattices that hung on the building in the curtain wall mechanism. The mass gift-wrapped by Arachne is a three-floor building of 10 metres in height and 12 metres in width. This assignment was contracted to cover the main façades, which face an important public square.
Whale Spoon, by Roberto Stein: The Whale-Spoon is ideal for toddlers who are feeding themselves for the first time. The special cavity prevents spilling when tilted backwards or sidewards, while the soft silicone material on the tip of the spoon makes it easy to remove all the food from the spoon. The shape of the spoon also adapts perfectly to small hands and when the spoon is rested on the ‘fins’, food doesn not touch the surface.  The ‘tail’ is used for feeding firm foods. It can also be used as a ‘teether’. Made from 100% food-grade silicone, the spoon complies with American FDA and German LFGB standards and is BPA free.
Ora Shower Panel, by Vladimir Polikarpov: For convenience, the system is equipped with the ability to connect to the ‘smart’ space, which allows this equipment to be able to constantly register the consumption of resources, making the necessary adjustments for a pleasant shower experience by distributing (forwarding or redirecting or keeping) the necessary amount of water in the system for circulation, irrigation or heating. The body of the shower hanger is made of durable, heat-resistant mineral acrylic resins. The upper part of the watering can is made of coloured glass, formed in the likeness of a leaf of a tropical plant, which is illuminated from the inside. The tray is made of the same material as the shower hanger, with a water absorption capacity of about 60 litres, depending on the pallet sizes selected by the user.
The Minimbike Exercise Bicycle, by Ozestudi: The Minimbike’s continuous and compact chassis is manufactured from a single piece of plastic material. This is an aesthetic and also structural value solution. Protagonist elements such as the forks and the mechanical drum allow for good stability, but also happen to be the bike’s most striking features. Weighing just 50kg, Minimbike's main innovation is focused on its production, but also on how the user manages the exercise. Each user has full control of the bike by using an application installed on their smartphone or personal tablet. The Minimbike’s main body is manufactured by cold moulding a single piece of plastic into which the other elements are assembled. This production system is fast and guarantees a high quality of finishes with less resources. This is a technological milestone that, with a utility patent, is one of the great technological innovations of the product. The handlebar, which is made of integral polyurethane, has a very soft and pleasant touch and its design allows several positions of use. The saddle is upholstered in a single piece of plastic leather.   www.minimfit.com
Jus Cold Pressed Juicery Drink, by M & N Associates: JUS (short for Juice Up Saigon) is a raw, cold-pressed juice company founded in 2015 in Vietnam. Based on the concept of the equilateral triangle of yoga that connects body, spirit and mind together, the designers created a unique 250ml equilateral triangle bottle shape using PET.    www.m-n.associates
The McCorse Electric Bicycle, by Diavelo Protanium and Centro Stile: The aim was to build one of the lightest electric bikes in the world at 12.5kg. Created from the DNA of the original Maserati MCCorse car, new composite materials were used to produce a full carbon autoclave frame. The battery is completely hidden in the frame to optimise the race look. The motor is a very strong mid motor, also hidden in the super-light carbon autoclave frame. The wheels are race carbon wheels from Zipp.
Twenty Twenty Packaging Design, by Panos Tsakiris: The main inspiration for this project was the effect alcohol has on the brain and consequently eyesight. The typeface and graphic elements were created based on this very idea: The delay in communication between the brain and the eyes means that they are not able to function effectively which weakens the eye muscle coordination. This is what causes distorted or double vision. The brief was to create a brand for a drink that promises to prevent hangovers. It is a mix of vitamins and rehydration salts, amino acids that break down toxins, caffeine and one secret ingredient. The name of the drink is placed partially on the front (20) and on the back (20) of the recycled plastic bottle. The more the user consumes the more visible the logo becomes. When the drink is finished and the bottle empty, the logo is at its clearest.
The Anenome Sofa, by Yi-Xuan Lee: Using red and white PU tubing and tying it together using red iron wire, the designer has created a larger-than-life sea anemone that is surprisingly comfortable to sit on.

Polymers abound in many designs

THE A’ Design Award & Competition, the world’s largest and most diffuse international design awards, has chosen their latest winning designs, featuring 1,962 winners from 100 countries in 99 different design disciplines.

Highlighting only the best in design, the A’ Design Awards & Competition is an annual awards platform that recognises stand-out realised and conceptual projects. it aims to acknowledge, showcase and exemplify good design, innovators and brands, rewarding winning entries with extensive benefits, opportunities and fame.

A small selection of the award winners using polymers can be seen here.