The iCatchi™ is the very latest in fly-catching

iCatchi™ gets Intellishift off to flying start, literally

INTELLISHIFT, an injection moulding, toolmaking and product development business, has set up its new plant in Meadowdale, Johannesburg.

One of Intellishift’s first products is the iCatchi™ fly catcher device, which is a wholly new solution for the business of trapping flies intended for use in environments where flies are prevalent – which is just about anywhere where agriculture and farming or food processing takes place.

Intellishift is a venture involving Jason Brown, formerly of Injecta Products, Jenny van der Hoff, who is involved in the equestrian sector (and who came up with the iCatchi design), designer/toolmaker Siobhan Beauchamp, and Dylan Visser, who handles marketing.

Besides its new design, one of the main features of the iCatchi is that it is fully reusable, which several fly trap designs up till now have not achieved. A few of the units have been damaged in hailstorms, but given that all spares are available, the iCatchi system has encounteref few problems to date and if anything is fully operational. Given the wide criticism of single-use plastic products, the fact that the system is completely reusable is a positive.

Intellishift MD Brown originally ran Injecta Plastics in Malvern, where the core activity was the manufacture of pool cleaning systems, including its ‘Gemini’ pool cleaner, as well as pool hose. Injecta was subsequently purchased by Fluidra Waterlinx, which is part of the Spanish listed multinational group Fluidra, a global leader in the pool industry systems, in 2014.

He continued with the corporate entity but eventually found his development instinct was being restrained, resulting in the decision to go on his own again last year.

Intellishift has to date built its own tools, including all the moulds for all the iCatchi components, and has been sub-contracting the moulding work out to partner companies.

iCatchi itself looks like a success story: cooperating with an established distribution/logistics organisation appears to have greatly expedited market penetration to date. The device is patented and trademarked and is being supplied into 26 countries, and counting …