Micro-granules are a specialised colouring technology developed by the PCS team. These mini masterbatches perform especially well in applications where consistency of tint strength is key

Performance pioneers ‘micro-granule’ technology for consistent tints

PERFORMANCE Colour Systems is pioneering micro-granule technology for use in colouring applications where only light colour tints are required. A main feature of this market is that, although addition levels are relatively low, many of the applications are in popular consumer products where on-going colour tint consistency is extremely necessary. Brand suppliers desire extremely minimal colour variation, preferably zero, which is a difficult objective to achieve.

The main use for the technology is light tint applications such as PET containers and SAN mouldings where consistency of tint strength is necessary – in other words to disperse consistently and readily and to achieve colour consistency in moulded products over extended periods.

In both the PET and SAN applications (styrene acrylonitrile is often used in cosmetic containers) the Performance micro-granule masterbatches are beginning to prove popular, said PCS sales manager Jared Khoury.

“The Micro Granule technology is a new and exciting addition to our business,” added Khoury.

Developed at the Performance lab in Meadowdale, Johannesburg, and produced using proprietary technology at the plant there with the input of its experienced colour specialists around the country, the micro granule technology knowhow remains classified.

Few colour masterbatch manufacturers, even internationally, have up till now focussed on tint applications, possibly because achieving good dispersion levels is so difficult and addition rates are so low. These two challenges attracted the PCS team, who started developing the production technology and running trials over the past year.

The PCS micro-granules are supplied as micro pellets and dosed primarily into virgin PET and SAN, although recycled grades of these materials are becoming available. Other polymers could be used too.

  • PCS is now a division of Ferro South Africa, which is a Bud Group Company. The black and white masterbatch production facilities formerly run by Ferro at its plant in Brakpan now fall under the Performance management.